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Cellar Door - Starry Luminous Lamp

Cellar Door - Starry Luminous Lamp

This is a wooden art piece made from Birch and recycled composite wooden core. As this is a natural material, you can expect some visual "imperfections" such as knots or thickness variation. Each of these has been sanded by hand to remove the majority of the burrs, as well as being hand-stained. The back is full composite material.

The background of the star cutouts are luminescent and change color with angle and direction of light, emitting light only through the front of the lamp.

The door is hinged with tiny hinges. Be gentle when opening and closing the door of the lamp so as not to damage them. The door latch is also tiny and extra care should be taken when rotating it to unlatch the door.

Approximately 12-1/2" Tall x 7" Wide x 2" Thick At Base

Shipping weight = 2.8LB

Technical Information:

The lamps are USB powered by the included USB-A cable. It has a quick connection pigtail running a few inches from the lamp itself, which you then connect to the included USB-A cable. Only use this included cable to power the lamp. The assembled cord is over 4ft. long.

If you would like to add a switch to your lamp's cord, you can add one to your order by clicking here and adding it to your cart: Optional Lamp Switch

The lamp's USB cable can be plugged into any USB-A power source which transmits at least 1A of voltage. Most phone chargers for cars, phone charging blocks you plug into a household wall outlet, battery banks for phone charging, etc, carry this amperage. Certain appliances like TV's, USB hubs, and other peripherals not used specifically for charging phone maybe not have enough amperage to power this lamp.

This lamp does not come with a dedicated power source. You will need to use a phone charging block, or other type of USB-A power source to power it.

Please see shipping information for detailed policies on shipping and insurance.

Good vibes and thanks for looking!

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