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Crystal Set No. 1

Crystal Set No. 1

This is a set of six crystals and/or minerals which would be perfect for either starting your first collection or adding to an existing collection.  The third picture shows the Spirit Quartz chunk in my hand to show scale reference, as it is the largest piece in the collection.

This set includes one of each:
Smokey Quartz Point
Amethyst Point
Agate Geode
2x's Fluorite Points
Spirit Quartz Chunk

These pieces range in sizes from the largest piece (Spirit Quartz 1-5/8") being about 2" across, to the smallest (Fluorite point) being about 1-1/2" tall.

I am representing these pieces to the best of my knowledge. If you have any other inquiries or corrections/suggestions as to the contents of this listing, please send an email and I will take those suggestions into consideration.

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