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Freestanding Spider Web Luminous Lamp


Freestanding Spider Web Luminous Lamp


This is a wooden art piece made from Birch and recycled composite wooden core. As this is a natural material, you can expect some visual "imperfections" such as knots or thickness variation. Each of these has been sanded by hand to remove the majority of the burrs, as well as being hand-stained. 

It projects a soft light through the front filter of the lamp and also illuminates behind the lamp. The lamp is designed to only be viewed from the front. The back is completely unfinished so it can project a powerful light onto the wall or surface behind the lamp.

Technical Information:

The lamps are battery powered with LED's and two CR2032 batteries. 

Approximately 7" Tall x 7" Wide x 1-1/4" Thick At Base

Can be faced either right or left.

Shipping weight = 12oz

Please see shipping information for detailed policies on shipping and insurance.

Good vibes and thanks for looking!

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