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Magical Broomstick Luminous Lamp

Magical Broomstick Luminous Lamp

This is a wooden art piece made from Birch and recycled composite wooden core. 

It projects a soft light through the front filter of the lamp, down the broomstick, and a multicolored, reflective light with a purplish hue through the stars cut into the sweeping end.

The lamp can be propped against a wall or other object to stand upright, or freestanding by sitting on its side.

Or carry it around in public to show how awesome you are with your glowing broomstick lamp!

Technical Information:

The lamps are battery powered with LED's and two CR2032 batteries. 

Approximately 17-1/2" Long and about 3/4" thick.

Can be faced either right or left or propped against a wall to stand upright.

Shipping weight = 2lbs

Please see shipping information for detailed policies on shipping and insurance.

Good vibes and thanks for looking!

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