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Steel Outdoor Crescent Moon Charging Shelf

Steel Outdoor Crescent Moon Charging Shelf

*This item is made of actual steel, and as such contains sharp points and hard edges. Mount and keep out of reach of children and animals that could be injured by the points of the moons. To prevent injury, do not mount at eye level. This is designed to be used outdoors.*

This is an outdoor shelf made from steel and a reclaimed HDPE. To learn more about where I acquired the HDPE, read the blog post I wrote about it here:

Included are screws for mounting to a plumb (straight upright), flat surface via holes milled into the bottom of the middle shelf. If what you mount your shelf to is not plumb, it will lean forward or backward in the direction of what you mount it to - because: physics.

You can remove all screws, prep and paint the steel moons if you would like. Look up an online tutorial on how to properly paint raw steel.  The shelves are not able to be painted as paint will not stick to the shelf material. Only the moons on the sides of the shelf can be painted with the proper prep work.

This is made of stainless steel, but the piece itself and screws are not completely immune from tarnish, rust, or discoloration. If you do notice this happening at some point, the piece can be disassembled, sanded with a light sand paper, and reassembled. Nothing is entirely weatherproof, but this shelf was designed with outdoor use and materials in mind. 

The steel moons are finished in a sanded brush texture and may have superficial scratches on the surface. This is an outdoor piece with that in mind, so it isn't made to be picture perfect as the wooden pieces I make as it will be weathered over time regardless, due to environmental exposure.

Crystals and other display items not included.

Approximate Overall Dimensions:
- 10" Tall
- Shelves are 5-3/4" Across
- Top and bottom shelves are 2" Deep
-Middle shelf is 3" Deep.

Shipping weight = 3LBS.

All of my pieces are made from locally-sourced wood milled by a sawmill in north Atlanta. If not for this sawmill, most of the logs harvested from land development in Atlanta would become firewood. Because of this, the grain character of my pieces have a richness you can't find from the big lumber suppliers who use "farmed" wood that was planted and rapidly grown for the purposes of harvest. This creates more effort on my part because I'm not buying off the shelf lumber that is milled to the thickness I need, but it is more environmentally friendly and saves a beautiful, old tree from becoming firewood. Keep in mind that all of my items are handmade and not processed via automated machinery, therefore, certain imperfections or character traits come with the handmade process.

Crystals not included.

Please see shipping information for detailed policies on shipping and insurance.

Good vibes and thanks for looking!

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