New Design Restock - Sept. 15th at 7PM EST!

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How do I place an order with you?

-I typically restock my shop once each week. There is a banner at the top of this page which is red and contains the date and time of my next restock. I do not sell outside of my restocks or make anything to order as I am a one person operation and can only accommodate my weekly restocks at this point.

When will -insert item- be available again?

-The best way to keep track of future availability of specific designs is through my social media. Instagram @jdrewsilvers or . I update my social media almost daily, showing the upcoming designs for my next restock, as well as other information, live feeds, and videos. 24hrs before I restock my shop, I also post the coming inventory/pricing in my Instagram stories, as well as in a Facebook post.

-I don’t plan my restocks very far in advance. I make as many pieces as I can between Monday and Saturday of each week. Anything I finish is put into my weekly restock on Sunday. I do the best I can to utilize whatever materials I have on hand every week. 

What are the prices on your items?

-The prices are shown on the listings in my shop when they are in-stock and active. When they are out of stock, there is a a “Sold Out” banner across the top instead of a price. This is because I allow my prices to fluctuate with my costs each time I restock. If my materials are cheaper, my prices go down a bit. If materials costs go up, the prices on my inventory go up a bit. If I figure out a way to streamline how I make something, my prices also go down. I do post my price lists 24hrs before I restock my shop though. They can be found in my Instagram stories on my @jdrewsilvers account or as a Facebook post on

Do you accept custom orders?

-As of writing this FAQ, I do not.  I am currently a one person operation, doing everything from making the product, pictures, listings, and shipping.  My focus is making as many pieces as I can for each restock to fulfill demand as best I can.  My workdays are full of design and production, so I am unable to take on anymore workload.

How long have you been in this line of work?

-I am a second generation carpenter and apprenticed under my father for a few years before branching out on my own.  I have been running J. Drew Fabrication & Design full-time since 2015.

 Do you offer local pick up?

-At this point, I do not.  I have in the past, but I do work out of my home, so safety is an issue.  Most people who wanted to meet in public to pick up their orders tended to be late, so I would miss 30mins to an hour of my workday to do this, and in the end it wasn't worth it.

Do you combine shipping?

-Yes.  If you order multiple items on one transaction and the shipping calculator overcharges you, I always refund that overage back to you. I don't make money from overcharging you for shipping. I don't think that is good business.  If you place multiple orders in the same day and want them combined into one, please email me to let me know.  I won't always notice that there are two separate orders under the same name without being told.