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How do I place an order with you?

-I restock my shop with previous designs multiple days every week as I finish making them. I do not sell outside of my restocks or make anything to order as I am a one person operation and can only accommodate "as finished" restocks at this point. At the top of the listing page of any item marked "Sold Out" in my catalog, there is a blank where you can submit your email address to be notified when that particular item is back in stock. You can sign up to be notified for as many individual items as you want. An email will be sent to you immediately upon me restocking any item you have signed up for. 

-Brand new designs typically have a scheduled restock date and time, which is always mentioned in the captions on my Instagram posts, the captions on my Facebook posts, and sometimes in the red bar at the top of my website. This applies to brand new designs on their first release. If I have made an item before and it is returning to my shop for the second, third, fourth time, etc. it will typically be added to the shop unscheduled, so signing up for a restock notification email will be the best way to know when something has returned. 

Shipping Information/Returns:

-The primary shipping service I use is UPS Ground for Domestic orders, but I also do ship USPS First Class or Priority within the US, depending on which service I find most appropriate.

For International orders I use USPS First Class or Priority depending on weight. 

All shipping costs are calculated after adding something to your shopping cart.
The term "Priority 2/3 Day" is the actual naming convention of the service offered by USPS and not a guaranteed delivery window. They call it this because, on average, Domestic shipments take that many days to arrive after being received by either my mail carrier or local Post Office. If your order shows as taking longer than that once the tracking number updates, there is nothing wrong, especially during the Holiday Season, a specific holiday, national emergency, or pandemic.  Once I release your package to USPS, I have no control over where it goes or the timeframe it takes to arrive to your doorstep. The USPS treats its commercial clients on the same level as a retail customer at their Post Office counter. They won't give me any information that they will not give you via their customer service or their website tracking number search.

The “Priority” designation for international shipments falls under the same estimated delivery window as it does domestically, but the range of dates presented by USPS varies by international region.

-As of January, 2021 I am switching my shipping model from a calculated weight-based system to a more flat rate system with multiple tiers. It is still based on weight, technically, but instead of calculating that weight to your location, there will be set prices based upon the weight of your order. This helps streamline the process of shipping and also gives my Domestic customers a much better shipping rate.  International orders still fall under the same calculated shipping weight to their location, based on the parameters of USPS. There is nothing I can do at this point to make a flat rate cost for international orders, unfortunately, as there can be massive shipping cost differences if even one ounce of shipping weight is added or subtracted from a package. 

-As a small business and single person operation, I don't have the capacity to accept returns for reasons other than shipping damage (which should be handled via USPS, UPS, or Shipsurance at the time of damaged delivery for reimbursement, as all orders are fully insured). I do try to offset the shipping costs by making a lower margin off my work, but that can only go so far since that margin would be again reduced if I were to pay return shipping for items I had previously sold to customers.  If you need more information about my products to be sure they would work for you and are what you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact drew.silvers@gmail.com

When will -insert item- be available again?

-The best way to keep track of future availability of specific designs is through my social media or through the restock notification emails I mentioned in the "How Do I Place And Order With You?" section above this one. My social media accounts are: Instagram @jdrewsilvers or facebook.com/jdrewsilvers . I update my social media almost daily, showing the upcoming, new designs for the next restock, as well as other information, live feeds, and videos.  Story posts often show the items I’m restocking at random times during the week.

-I don’t plan my new design restocks very far in advance. I make as many of those pieces as I can between Monday and Saturday of each week since my new items are typically released on Sundays. 

What are the prices on your items?

-The prices are shown on the listings in my shop when they are in-stock and active. When they are out of stock, there is a a “Sold Out” banner across the top instead of a price. This is because I allow my prices to fluctuate with my costs each time I restock. If my materials are cheaper, my prices go down a bit. If materials costs go up, the prices on my inventory go up a bit. If I figure out a way to streamline how I make something, my prices also go down. I do post the price for new items 24hrs before I restock my shop with those brand new designs though. They can be found in my Instagram stories on my @jdrewsilvers account or as a Facebook post on facebook.com/jdrewsilvers

 Should I send you a DM on Instagram or Facebook to discuss my order or ask further questions?

-The most effective way to ask a general question or question about an order is by sending an email to drew.silvers@gmail.com and not a DM.  The reason is because of spam.  With as many followers as I have on social media, the messages on both Facebook and Instagram are continually buried with companies or individuals offering me products or services.  Filtering through those takes a significant effort and isn't always effective, nor reliable.  If you send me an email, it comes straight to me and I am able to respond fairly quickly.

Do you offer wholesale?

-I do not. My focus at this point in time is entirely on keeping my own shop as stocked as possible. So I am not able to accommodate wholesale.

 Do you accept custom orders?

-As of writing this FAQ, I do not.  I am currently a one person operation, doing everything from making the product, pictures, listings, and shipping.  My focus is making as many pieces as I can for each restock to fulfill demand as best I can.  My workdays are full of design and production, so I am unable to take on anymore workload.

Will you sell me one of your designs raw and unfinished so I can paint or stain it myself?

-Everything I make and sell in my shop is sold with a stain and final finish applied. I don't sell anything unfinished.  There are a few reasons for that, but I can best explain one of them by giving a real world example.  If you buy a small, unfinished wooden object from a big-box, corporate owned craft store and take it home to stain, you'll most likely run into an issue of glue "run out" from when the object was assembled. That is, excess glue running out of a joint.  The glue used in assembly does not take stain at all. If you stain this wooden object and there is any excess glue in the joints, it will not take the stain and will not look correct.  While these craft store purchased objects are hastily slapped together on an assembly line, minor glue run-out is an issue for any woodworker.  This is generally undetected until you start the staining process and can be fixed at that point by someone experienced with how to remedy it.  It is also true that you don't know the exact condition of the wood or if any contaminants which will lead to splotchy stain are hiding in the surface grain of the wood until you start the staining process. If I start to stain one of my pieces and notice it coming out splotchy or inconsistent, I can then fix the issue by doing additional sanding or wood conditioning to remedy it.

-These are things which could be learned by those trying to stain whatever unfinished pieces they bought from my shop, but that opens another issue of me being needed for a sort of "tech support" if a customer's finish doesn't turn out properly. I never want to abandon my customers who need advice or have concerns with my products, but selling unfinished pieces to those who are potentially inexperienced with wood finishing opens up the door to needed back and forth correspondence to troubleshoot the reasons their finish may not have turned out as they had hoped - be it an issue with the wood itself or user error on their part.  With as much product as I make each week and running the day to day operations as a single person, adding another line of needed customer service isn't something I can effectively budget into my schedule.  Due to these reasons, I only sell my designs with a finish and sealer already applied.

How long have you been in this line of work?

-I am a second generation carpenter and apprenticed under my father for a few years before branching out on my own.  I have been running J. Drew Fabrication & Design full-time since 2015.

 Do you offer local pick up?

-At this point, I do not.  I have in the past, but I do work out of my home, so safety is an issue.  Most people who wanted to meet in public to pick up their orders tended to be late, so I would miss 30mins to an hour of my workday to do this, and in the end it wasn't worth it.