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**Made To Order** Sun Shelf - Regular or XL Size


**Made To Order** Sun Shelf - Regular or XL Size


This is a handmade, Sun shaped and crystal display shelf. Finished in a natural, hand blended, almond color stain. This is a wooden carving made from Birch and an environmentally conscious composite core.

Crystals and other display items not included.

This piece does have a back in it and has a hole on each side of the backing, toward the top to wall hang, if desired. It also comes with two screws and two anchors to do this. My shelves are designed to be viewed from the front, therefore, the backs of them (although stained) are not finished to the same aesthetic as the front of the shelf.

Regular Size Overall approximate dimensions:
13" Tall x 14” Wide x 1-1/2" Deep 
Inner Shelf Max Heights: 
Top: 2-1/2"
Middle & Bottom: 1"

XL Size Overall approximate dimensions:
17" Tall x 18” Wide x 1-1/2" Deep
Inner Shelf Max Heights: 
Top: 3-3/16""
Middle & Bottom: 1-5/15"

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Crystals not included.

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Good vibes and thanks for looking!

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