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Starry Circular Moon Shelf and Wood Carving

Starry Circular Moon Shelf and Wood Carving

This is a wooden carving made from Maple and recycled composite wooden core. As this is a natural material, you can expect some visual "imperfections" such as knots or some slightly rough spots at the bottom of the carving or maybe some slight "chip out" from the carving blade. Each of these carvings has been sanded by hand to remove the majority of the burrs, as well as being hand-stained. All work was done by me, in my own workshop.

As these designs contain multiple pieces of wood elements from multiple trees, the stain consistency between the face and backing pieces may be of different shades. They are stained with the same oil stain, but the nature of wood makes for some expected inconsistencies due to grain pattern, tannin content, rosin content, etc.

The starry scene is backed with a reflective silver backdrop.

Comes with hanging hardware installed and ready to hang on the wall.

~If you would like a stand for this shelf so it can be used on a surface instead of hanging on the wall, you can add one to your shopping car by following this link: Shelf Stand Add-On ~

Approximate Overall Dimensions:
14" Across x 1-1/4" Deep
Overall thickness of this piece is about 1-1/2"

Shipping weight = 3.2LBS.

Crystals not included.

Please see shipping information for detailed policies on shipping and insurance.

Good vibes and thanks for looking!

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